Stop Shuffling Our Kids.


Alki stands in solidarity with all the schools having to go through staffing adjustments as a result of another year of SPS making bad decisions in response to enrollment variances.  Alki would like to extend a special shout out to Brian Jones and our friends at Loyal Heights who are protesting a potential school wide shuffle.  We stand with you and urge SPS to restrict staffing adjustments to only classrooms above their legal limit and stop shuffling students for which the change has no benefit.

This annual large scale shuffling must stop.  Seattle public school students need fully funded education now, the finger-pointing between SPS and the Legislature to stop, and for SPS to update their business practices with common sense procedures that put kids first.

For more on this year’s reshuffling:

“At Loyal Heights Elementary, for example, there are only three teachers for nearly 90 kindergarten students. Because fewer students than projected are enrolled in second and fifth grades, the school still isn’t bigger than projected, but the students aren’t equally spread among the grades, said Jon Halfaker, executive director of schools for the northwest region, at the board meeting.

Rather than hire an additional kindergarten teacher, parents have been told the school may move an upper-grade teacher to kindergarten. That would force the school to reconfigure nearly every grade, Principal Wayne Floyd said at the meeting.”

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