What Happened to Spooky Spectacular


We hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!  We heard there was some buzz around why there wasn’t a Spooky Spectacular or Harvest Festival this year?  This long standing Alki tradition can return next year if we can ensure ample volunteer support for this all-school, PTA sponsored event.  Spooky Spectacular was cut last Spring in PTA budget meetings due to budget constraints but predominantly due to lack of volunteer support at last year’s event – overtaxing the event chairs and PTA Board members putting it on!  Fall is a heavy volunteer load for Alki PTA with back to school events/meetings and the Fall auction but if parents want to bring Spooky back, we would love to have it!  Many of these decisions take place at our monthly PTA meetings – if you have any ideas for how to bring Spooky Spectacular back to our students or any other new and exciting ideas we would love to hear from you!

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