WOW!  What an amazing night!  Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, volunteered, contributed, etc. etc. etc.  On top of the crazy amount of money we raised for our children ($95,000)!!!  The biggest take away for me on Saturday (and the months leading up to it) was the building of our Alki Community.  So many of you stepped up to help make this not only the biggest fundraiser of the year, but just an all-around FUN NIGHT… Our kids seriously have no idea how cool (and wild) their parents are!  We not only made a record amount of money, but we also had a record turnout for so many of our Volunteer positions (before and during the night) that made the entire event that much smoother for all of the chairs.  Thank you again for your generosity with not only your money on Saturday, but of your time.  … I truly appreciate it.

– Angela Powell (2016 Auction Chair)

Okay I’m done being mushy, let’s get to the highlights!

  • Raise the Paddle – Balls, Balls, Balls:  $1,125
  • Raise the Paddle – Social Emotional Learning: $20,725
  • Kid Art: $7,250
  • Buy-In Parties & Experiences:  $14,475
  • Raffle:  $3,320
    • Big Congrats to Susan Gates who won the night at the Salish Lodge Raffle!
    • And Mike Bryant who won the 50/50 Raffle… and the rock, paper, scissors live auction game… and the $100 Chocolate Bar… seriously someone buy this guy a lottery ticket!

If you haven’t self-closed out yet… please click the link in your email so we can get our final numbers from the night.

A SPECIAL THANKS to our Auction Committee:

  • Angela Powell: Auction Chair
  • Barbara Ott, Whitney Marois, Britney Straus: Procurement Team
  • Amy Cooper: Database Master
  • Danielle Jones: Buy-In Coordinator Extraordinaire!
  • Laurie Rasmussen: Teacher Buy-In/Experience Coordinator
  • Davina Dilley: Dessert Dash Coordinator
  • Pam Bigatel: Kid Art Coordinator
  • Jen Typpi: Ticket/Raffles Sales, Seating Chart Queen
  • Colleen Davis: Decorations Chair
  • Mary Roper: Program, Posters, Invitations, etc. Printing
  • Kristy Clay: Cuban Poster Printing
  • Brooke Fitterer: Grade Basket Coordinator / Closing Team Chair / All around helpful person
  • Erik Fitterer, Heidi & Mike Fahy, Erin Kelley, Tina Monroe, Geoff Croghan, Lindsay McDonald, Kim Pham, Lillie Ponnusamy, Amy Bannister, Lindsay Yost: Night of Staff

Kid Art Artist Leads:  Pam Bigatel, Britney Straus, Althea Bradley, Sidney Goldman, Paulette Athan, Laurie Rasmussen, Pauline Chardoul-Sutter, Nanda & JJ Guajardo, Jen Typpi, Amy Dodson, Meghan Edwards, Lisa Nobis, Heather Guiterrez, Beth Farmer, Laura Mount

Volunteers:  Peter Morse, Cheryl Meckley, Nicole & Mark Turpen, Lisa Tirnauer, Lindsay Duffy, Emily Anderson, Amey Nutter, Erin Kelley, Brenda Gage, Holly Ingalls, Akemi Sakaida, Mary Murphy, Carrie McInelly, Lisa Rockel, Patti Johnson, Bryan Fiedorczyk, Katherine Lewis, Jay Clay, Heidi & John Isaza, Malik Davis, and Principal Rena Deese

I know I’m forgetting people… please know I am ever so grateful for everyone’s help!

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