Congratulations Spelling Bee Participants


We are so proud of our 2018 Spelling Bee participants for committing and working hard at accomplishing this goal. Their practice at home and at school empowered them all to show their Alki Way spirit!

Mrs. Rasmussen, Ms. Calkins, and Ms. Deese would like to thank all families who helped

their student prepare and complete this year’s Spelling Bee. Thank you to Ms. Deese, Ms. Christina Ryser and Ms. Bri’Ana Smith for helping us navigate the grade-level Spelling Bees. Our all-school Spelling Bee judges were Ms. Sacco from Seattle Public Schools and our very own Mrs. Iba. Thank you! And finally, a GIANT THANK YOU to the Alki PTA for sponsoring this wonderful addition to Alki.


The All-School Spelling Bee was Friday, Feb. 9th and congratulations to Cameron F. and Marcus R. for placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the All School Spelling Bee.

This year’s Spelling Bee Champion is… Patrick B. He will move on to the city-wide Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee Participants


  • 1st Place: Isla K., 2nd Place: Ruby H., 3rd Place: Eve L.
  • 2nd Grade Participants: Carson Y., Ely T., Sienna W., Yola B., Ezra D., Bailey M., Raelan M., Pierson B., Uemera S., Maymuna A., Waylon R., Lily N., Betty T.


  • 1st Place: Sophia B., 2nd Place: Sawyer S., 3rd Place: Maya W.
  • 3rd Grade Participants: Sydney F., Zach H., Janie M., Musaffa A., Keara K., Anderson S., Natalie Z., Lyla C., Nicholas Y., Charlie M., Monico Z., Mason D., Stella E., Kian D., William B.


  • 1st Place: Cameron F., 2nd Place: Marcus R., 3rd Place: Max C.
  • 4th Grade Participants: Alicia E., Dionysus S., Eli F., Iman A., Jack M., Monroe B., Ryan T., Sadie L.


  • 1st Place: Patrick B., 2nd Place: Flannery R., 3rd Place: Addy L.
  • 5th Grade Participants: Alexandra C.

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