Introducing the 2018 – 2019 Alki PTA Board


The Alki PTA Nominating Committee would like to introduce to you the nominees for the 2018/19 PTA Executive Officers. Voting will be held on May 3rd at the PTA meeting.

JennaNomination for President: Jenna Andersen

Jenna grew up in Royal City, a small farming town in central Washington. After moving from Dallas to Chicago to San Francisco over the past decade she is thrilled to be living in the PNW again with her partner, Swavek, son, Pierson (entering third grade,) and daughter, Marie (entering Kindergarten.) She enjoys photography, writing, and podcasts.

Jenna began volunteering and planning community events her senior year of high school and has been refining her logistical and creative-thinking skills ever since. The most enjoyable event she managed in the past was a tongue-in-cheek pageant for babies (!) but she can already tell the Alki community events will be just as lively.

 TomNomination for Vice-President: Tom Harris

Tom Harris is the father of a six-year old Sam Harris, who is a kindergartener at Alki Elementary this year. Tom is a stay-at-home dad, he has had his own interior design company since 1993 and has also worked in manufacturing and importation in China since 2002. He is excited to be a part of the close-knit Alki community and is committed to ensuring a safe and enriching environment for all of the children who attend Alki. He is a firm supporter of our teachers and all those who work to make Alki a great place. To that end, he has become an active volunteer for the school. He steadfastly shows up two times each week to assist in the cafeteria, providing extra support to the cafeteria staff and being a steady parent presence for all of the Alki kids. He also hosted Dudes & Donuts this last year, to great success. His goals for the coming year include facilitating access to participation in school life for the parents of all children and to bring greater resources for, and awareness of, our diverse families.

NicoleNomination for Treasurer: Nicole Bryant

Nicole Bryant has been a proud Alki parent for six years (Dylan -5th grade and Jackson – 3rd grade). She previously served as a PTA Art Docent and enjoyed being in the classroom. That role was a sharp contrast to her law and numbers-oriented career as a Tax Director for PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”), but she enjoys giving the right-brain a stretch. Nicole also coaches youth basketball and coached both a boys and a girls team through Alki CC this past year. Nicole enjoys 5k races, followed by brunch, and really anything that lets her physically compete with herself or others. When not doing all of the above, you will find Nicole socializing with her husband, Mike, and friends over delicious beverages. Nicole is looking forward to contributing to the school and PTA in the role of Treasurer.

MelNomination for Secretary: Mel Spiker

My husband, Tay and I have lived on upper Admiral for 20 years.  We are raising our son, Camden, alongside a remarkable group of neighbors and a large group of elementary aged children.  As a family we enjoy bike riding, camping, and working in the garden together.  I have served King County’s vulnerable populations for 10 years supporting Harborview Medical Center’s mission as an administrative professional working in the Utilization Management Department.  I’ve enjoyed volunteering at Staff Appreciation Week, Misses and Muffins, and Alki-a-Thon.  My mom also enjoys volunteering in the cafeteria a few days a week helping your kiddos with lunchroom shenanigans.  I hope an open, creative mindset will lead to ways we can strengthen the family engagement at Alki so that our children and our families can thrive and build upon this wonderful community.

AmyFundraising Chair: Amy Cheng

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and my older daughter Silvara Barak will be attending kindergarten at Alki this coming school year, my younger daughter Alia will be attending Alki the following year!  We are so excited to be part of the Alki family, since we already know some families with kids attending Alki I feel like I’m already part of the community!

A little bit about myself, I grew up in Taiwan and moved to LA in 2005 for my graduate degree.  I work in marketing for a high tech company in the bay area.  In my free time, I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, just started gardening, taking the kids out when the weather is nice.  Can’t wait for summer to be here!

In addition to these four officers and chair of fundraising, we have Emily Anderson and Britney Straus stepping in to Co-Chair and oversee all of PTA’s wonderful Events in 2018/19.  This year’s Board Secretary, Ali Pankop is stepping into PTA Communications Chair and will be responsible for Alki PTA’s weekly Enews and Monthly Currents Newsletter.  Returning Board members, Lindsay Yost and Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox will return to their roles of Membership Chair and Legislative Chair, respectively. We thank all these individuals for their service and commitment to our students and our community.

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