Announcing PTA President Jenna Andersen’s Resignation

Please see the below statement from our Alki PTA President Jenna Andersen who has made the personal decision to step down.  We want to thank Jenna for her time as President. She came to the role with a passion for making a difference and we are grateful to her for her enthusiasm and commitment to bringing community together through school events.  While she has decided to step away from the leadership role, we look forward to working with her as a community member on the issues she cares deeply about.


To the Alki PTA Board and Alki Elementary community:
It is with a heavy heart that I write to formally announce my resignation as President of Alki PTA.
I signed up to work with the PTA in this leadership role because I wanted to use my talents to serve the community and make positive contributions.  I feel that the best I have to give is not serving the community or my family in the ways that are most needed.  My resignation is spurred by my belief that doing so will open up space for someone(s) to step in and try a new approach to leading the organization.  I hope to continue having positive interactions and sustaining relationships with everyone I have formed a connection with during my tenure. I would love to continue running the ECIF board and hope to continue to develop plans for a community culture event in spring 2020.
Thank you to the entire Board for all the ways you leaned in with me, offered crucial feedback, and patiently assisted as I stumbled my way through learning what this organization is and how to run it. Tom, Mel, Nicole, Ali, Vanessa, Lindsay, Amy, Britney, and Emily: thank you for all of the above, and the many ways that you’ve given up personal and familial time and funds in order to make things happen. I’ve watched each of you rally in different ways over the last eight months working together in this capacity and the Alki Elementary community is fortunate to have you.
To the staff: You have watched PTA Presidents come and go, families move in and out, volunteers stepping up and fading away. In the midst of all of that you stand firm, taking on the immense task of creating and maintaining the best possible experience for each individual student. Thank you for your patience with me, with all of us, as PTA volunteers attempt to navigate familiar and cyclical challenges.  Rena, thank you for your guidance, collaboration, and patience. Your leadership style and approach inspired and shaped my own in a variety of ways over the last year.
Thank you to all of the community members who show up and volunteer. From running events to programs to dropping off a crockpot  for Staff Appreciation Week, each one of you makes a difference. The contrast between a program run with contributions from a few versus contributions made by many is immense. Thank you for all the times you’ve swallowed your fears and faced down difficult situations in order to make all of this happen. The organization needs you, this work we do for the kids is made possible by you.  All of it matters; every single time you contribute, it makes a difference.
I learned so much from all of you, thank you all for your patience and partnership throughout. It was an honor to be trusted with this position and responsibility.
Jenna Andersen

More details about next steps to follow but in the meantime, join us in thanking Jenna.