Matching Program, Scrip/E-Scrip

Direct Contributions & Matching Gifts

Alki PTA is a 501C3 tax-exempt and non-profit organization. Donations of goods, services, and financial contributions made to Alki PTA are tax deductible as allowed by law. Don’t forget that many employers and organizations offer matching funds to these types of non-profit groups. Check out this list to see if your employer will match your contribution!


Many corporations such as Safeway, Target, and Amazon offer programs that give funds back to schools based on your purchasing habits. Make sure to register to benefit Alki PTA. Register your cards at today and start donating to Alki PTA!

Shop and Benefit Alki PTA

Amazon Shopping CartShop at Amazon using our unique Alki Amazon URL. Save it to your toolbar and, by first going through the portal, your every day purchases at Amazon will now donate a portion of your expenditures to Alki!


How much $$ does this mean?

  • 4%: 1-6 items referred to / month
  • 6%: 7-30 items
  • 6.5%: 31-110 items
  • 7%: 110-320 items
  • 7.5%: 321-630 items
  • 8%: 631-1570 items
  • 8.25%: 1571-3130 items
  • 8.5%: 3131+ items