Learning Coding with Robotics using our DonorsChoose iPads


My students need the Sprk and Dash and Dots robots. They are eager to use the coding skills they learned during Hour of Code to program these robots.

My Students

Every morning I offer a “challenge” to my students. These “challenges” use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This year all my students participated in the Hour of Code online where they learned basic coding skills. They are eager to take these coding skills to the realm of robotics.

My K-5 students come to the library eager to integrate technology into their lessons.

Our computer lab is a buzz with creativity, exploration, and excitement. This year all 415 kindergarten through fifth grade students participated in the Hour of Code, where they learned basic coding skills in a fun, interactive way. After three days they were excited to share the games and videos they made using these newly acquired skills. We used our new DonorsChoose iPad minis to document our learning by taking pictures and video. How cool would it be to use our new iPad minis and newly acquired coding skills to learn about robotics?

My Project

During the Hour of Code my students used computers to write simple code to move an object from one place to another. Our kindergarteners were eager to get Angry Bird to reach the pig. Older students wrote simple code to get another student to stack cups in a certain pattern. They were excited to see if the code they wrote really worked. Now it’s time to take their coding skills to robotics. Using our new iPads students will be able to write code to move Dash Dot, BB-8 and Orbotix, actual robots.

By funding this project my students’ coding skills will improve, their joy of learning will continue and hopefully many of my students will be interested in pursuing a career in computer science.


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