Peter Pan Raffle Tickets – ON SALE NOW!


We have two baskets for each show and starting THIS YEAR we are giving those of you who can’t make it to the play this weekend the opportunity to win ONE of the two baskets (per day). Both winners will be announced at intermission during each play (Friday, Feb. 5 and Saturday, Feb. 6)

We have set up many ways for you to buy tickets this year ($1 a ticket)

  • After school on Friday – Tickets will be sold near the office & lunchroom
  • Before the play
  • During intermission
  • Email Tina Kortje (

Each basket is valued at $125 (see below)

Pirate hat/scarf
Eye patch
Spuds fish and chips gift certificate
Fairy dust or Pixy dust (glitter)
Peter Pan book
Starbucks coffee
Pirate stickers
Starbucks gift card has their mermaid logo on it
Starbucks mug
Pixy sticks
Flower seeds
Tinker bell stuffed doll
Silvermist ceramic figurine and paint
Chocolate gold coins
Fairy wings
Starbucks mug
Tinkerbelle ceramic figurine and paint
Fairy meadow flower seeds
Cosmos sensation blend flower seeds
$30 atomic boys gift certificate
Chocolate gold coins
Pixy sticks
Tinker belle movie
Marination station gift certificate
Pirate stickers
Hook jelly belly jelly beans
Peter Pan book
Pirate patch

Pixy dust (glitter)

Fairy wall decals
$15 Bakery Nouveau gift card
Hook jelly belly jelly beans
Pixy sticks
Mermaid doll
Chocolate gold coins
$25 admiral theater gift card
Pixy dust glitter

Pan movie
house plant
pirates bootie
musical parrot
chocolate gold coins
lucky feather
dream lights
Starbucks gift card
Spuds fish and chips gift card
pixy sticks

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