6 Ways to Improve Traffic and Safety for Everyone at Alki Elementary


Recently, there have been a few incidents of cars getting too close to and backing up almost into our crossing guards and kids walking across the crosswalk.

In an effort to keep all of our Alki Elementary families and kids safe, please keep in mind these six ways to improve traffic and safety at pick up and drop off times. As we all know, traffic around Alki can be a challenge. But, if we all pack our patience and mind these guidelines, the traffic jams and safety issues can be decreased.

  1. Keep traffic moving in the drop off area by not parking your car there. This is illegal and backs up traffic on 59th Ave SW.
  2. Keep our crossing guards and families safe by not dropping off in or near crosswalks.
  3. Follow the traffic flow suggestion on the diagram.
  4. Do not drop off or park in illegal spots.
  5. Walk, bike or park your car a block or two away from the school and walk to school with your kids.
  6. Pack your patience. If you are dropping off right as school starts, expect that you will have to sit in your car for 5 minutes in traffic.

Thank you for minding these guidelines and for helping to keep our streets around Alki Elementary safe for everyone!

Traffic Flow Map for you to Share

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