Congratulations to Alki’s Global Reading Challenge Team, The Orcas!


Congratulations to Alki’s Global Reading Challenge Team, the Orcas.  The Orcas were one of eight teams vying for the top spot that goes onto the finals. After the scores were tallied The Orcas came in 4th place. When asked by another student how they did, one member of the team said, “We came in 4th place and had a really fun time!”

The team started out the day taking the Water Taxi over to Seattle and walking through Pioneer Square to Top Pot to get some nourishment before heading to the downtown library. They ended the day taking Metro back to Alki but before heading back to school, walked to Pepperdock for lunch and an ice cream treat. The Orcas; Urji Ali (2nd year teammate), Calvin Barash, Lucas Evans, Wyatt Glover, Ella Jones and Kaelynn Wiseman were wonderful Alki ambassadors.

Classroom teachers and Mrs. Iba worked with students to develop their “expertise”.   Many parents also read to/along with their child to help them become experts. We had a number of students read and reread many of the books. It takes a village and Alki is one pretty awesome village!

I know our fourth graders are already looking forward to Global Reading Challenge 2017! The third graders were able to watch this year’s in-school challenge and I have heard a number of them say they are really excited about taking part in it next year.

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