Need Chaperones – Alki Sleepover


The Alki Sleepover is fast approaching. It’s scheduled for Friday, Apr. 1 (5:30 PM) thru Saturday, Apr. 2 (8:00 AM).  Now’s the time. We need volunteers at a ratio of 10:1 but we all know, the more parent volunteers we have the smoother the night will be. Maybe even some fun for us?  Chairs Patti Johnson and husband, Andy Wood are working on an outline for the night’s activities now, and will have more to follow on that.

If you’re willing to be a chaperone-volunteer, below is what needs to be done by you in the next week in order to chaperone the sleepover.

1. Fill out and sign the Volunteer Application Form.
Volunteer Application Link
Remember that the volunteer application form includes getting a photocopy of your driver’s license on file at school.If the below hasn’t been already completed this year then:

2. Watch and complete the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Video 
Video Link
Once you watch the video, there is a certificate at the end that needs to be turned in to Ann Stevens.  You can print a copy or I believe it can be emailed.

3. Background check (WATCH) screening form
Form Link

4. Read and sign the volunteer Handbook.
Volunteer Handbook Pages 18 and 19: Safety and Liability Issues, Working with Children of Diverse Backgrounds, and ConfidentialityPLEASE NOTE:  If someone has lived in Washington LESS THAN two years, they would need to get fingerprinted to chaperone an overnight. As long as people have lived in Washington MORE THAN two years they can just fill out the attached volunteer form and provide verification of two years residency.

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