Buddy Bench Installed!

The big trucks you may have seen on the playground last week during drop off/ pick up were more than just a maintenance crew, they were specifically requested by Alki 5th grader Cami.  If you were at the Auction this fall, you will remember a very heartfelt letter written by Cami requesting we raise money for a special project.


“Dear Mrs. Beckly

I have a idea, Our school can have a belonging bench.  A belonging bench is if someone is feeling sad or upset they can go sit on the bench and their can be someone that volunteer at lunch time so everytime someone feels sad that person can make them feel better.  They volunteer on a sheet of paper hanging near the composte volunteer sheet.  I want this bench because I remember one time when I felt like no one wanted to play with me and that I didn’t belong.”

With the help of your PTA dollars and staff member Alyson Hallberg, Cami’s ‘Belonging Bench’ turned into the “Buddy Bench” and was finally opened Thursday, April 21, 2016.

From Alyson Hallberg:

“Our first customer was greeted by two recess supervisors. The second student was so sad that she said “I can’t imagine this day getting any worse” and as I began to talk with her a class mate came up and asked her to play. From then on the bench took on a life of its own. It started conversations about friendship, playing, would you sit there crying or do you just sit? What if no one comes? What if we all sit here? It went on throughout the recesses today. My favorite time was seeing a group of several kids role playing how to use the bench. They entered as friends and evolved into a perfect example of how to use the bench. They all left in pairs after acting to comfort each other.”

Thank you Cami for your thoughtful idea and showing Alki students that they really can make a difference in their school and community.


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