Alki-A-Thon: Keep the Pledges Coming!!

Alki-A-Thon 2016 was so much fun!  Kids ran, music played and the only rain was from the awesome new mister, keeping kids cool. (Thank you, Michal Lehmann and Cambium!)  Even though the laps were already ran… THE RACE IS STILL ON to see which class brings in the most money. This class, and the class with the highest average laps will both win ice cream parties before the end of the year.  Pledge packets were sent home in kid mail but if you can’t find yours, please check in the main office.  You also can set up a personal pledge page online. It’s easy! Sign up and create your page at Online pledges or donations can be made safely and securely using PayPal, credit or debit cards. Your pledge packet has full details and simple instructions.
**Please consider also making a donation to other PTAs in our West Seattle community as detailed in the packet.**

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