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Auction planning has started and we still need a ton of help to make next years Auction a success.  As many may know, the Auction is one of two fundraisers we hold each year to help make Alki GREAT.  The money raised goes to things such as playground support, our part-time school counselor (starting next year), part-time nurse support, art supplies, fun social events, books, technology, Camp Burton, Writers in the School, and many other programs that without the support of the Auction & Alki-A-Thon wouldn’t happen.
Whether you work full time or are a stay at home parent… there are jobs for everyone with all different kinds of time commitments.  Don’t think you have time to help fulfill a role 100%?  Invite a friend to split the tasks with.
Here are some of the positions that are currently open.
  • Auction Chair or Co-Chairs:  have final say in selecting theme, oversee timeline and planning, coordinate marketing and communication, maintain auction website, facilitate printing needs, be point of contact for vendors, volunteers and guests, facilitate thank yous to volunteers and donors, delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • Procurement Support:  connect with family and business donors via letters, email and face to face, have great follow up skills, collect and input items into database, organize items for display on auction night, assist in sending thank yous to donors.
  • Dessert Dash Coordinator:  Work with procurement to solicit bakeries for desserts, input into database, coordinate pick up and delivery of desserts on auction day and display of desserts on auction night.
  • Buy In Party Coordinator:  Be point of contact for party hosts and teacher experiences, confirm details and input to auction database, facilitate communication of events to buy in guests post auction and throughout the year, publicize remaining spaces for sale in PTA e-news and Currents, facilitate thank yous to buy in hosts after events have taken place.
  • Ticket Sales:  monitor online ticket sales, input complimentary teacher tickets and hard copy ticket orders, assign tables the week of auction.
  • Auction Photographer:  Set up photo booth, take pictures of guests, create online album for sharing.
  • Slide Show/Media:  Work with Chair and Principal to create Raise the Paddle video and slideshow of items for Live Auction.
  • Graphic Designer/Publisher:   Work with Auction Chair to design and create event poster, program and flyers.

Contact Angela Powell ( to inquire!

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