Staff Appreciation – Thank You Volunteers!


Thank you to everyone who helped to give our staff a fantastic Staff Appreciation Week!  From every student who created a card at the “Appreciation Station” to all these parents who made coffees, cleaned the staff lounge, brought taco fixins, and offered an hour of service – Thank you!

Jodie Prescott, Jen Trise, Amy King, Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox, Tina Monroe, Chris Bertelli and Ivy Vo, Annie Wagar, Shelly Kurtz, Stephanie Fischer, John Schuh, Tammy Lyle, Nanda Guajardo, Christine Brady, Jason Plourde, Pam Bigatel, Pauline Chardoul-Sutter, Cara Wass de Czege, Brooke Gosztola, Lindsay Duffy, Delaney Doerflinger, Tina Kortje, Colleen Davis, Brooke Fitterer and very special thanks to Lindsay Yost for co-chairing the week and Angela Powell for creating all the flyers and the awesome Currents layout!  I appreciate YOU! ~  Amy Cooper


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