Welcome Principal Deese!

deeseAloha Alki Elementary Students, Families, and Staff!

My name is Rena Kido Deese and it is a privilege and honor to serve as your principal. I have spent the last eight years working in Seattle Public Schools, first at T.T. Minor Elementary School and then at Leschi Elementary School. I was born and raised on the island of Kauai and moved to Seattle fourteen years ago. Being at Alki Elementary feels like I have finally found my way home.

Raised by a single mother, I spent many nights listening to her speak about the many lessons I needed to learn before I left home. My mother always reminded me that even when something went well, there is always room to grow and do it better the next time. At my core, I value learning. I take every opportunity to grow both in my practice and as a person.

I look forward to learning from our faculty. We have such amazing staff, with vast expertise, who are energized and dedicated to the work of lifting up all of our students that it humbles me to share a part of the effort.

I look forward to learning from our families and our community. Our diversity, history, experience, and knowledge bring strength to our school and provide a rich and authentic partnership.

I look forward to learning from our students. I strive to know each student personally and to clear the path so that they may achieve their life ambitions.

As we are preparing for an incredible school year ahead, I’d love the opportunity to get to know you and hear your story. Please feel free to drop by the school, email, or call anytime. My door is always open!

It is also my privilege to introduce three new members of our Alki teaching staff.

Gayle Fiedorcyzk will be joining our kindergarten team and comes with 16 years of teaching experience in the Kent School district.

Dano Beal will be joining our 2nd grade team and brings tremendous expertise and comes from most recently teaching at Lafayette Elementary.

Kawa Harijan will be teaching our 4/5 split class and has just moved to Seattle from teaching in Pahoa, Hawaii.

Thank you for being partners in our work to make this a wonderful school year!

With gratitude,

Rena Kido Deese, Alki Elementary Principal



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