Breakdance Classes with Dog Pound Crew!


Robert Eyerman & Sammy Tekle (Organizer of Breakdance classes with Dog Pound Crew)

A fun and challenging class for students of all ages and experience levels to participate in. Students will work closely with Dog Pound Crew members Bobby Drake and Sammy to learn and master the art of breakdance (or “breaking”).

The primary mission of this class is to provide an artistic outlet for youth in a safe, welcoming environment. Dog Pound Crew will work with youth to establish and develop skills both on and off the floor, including provide advice for topics such as succeeding in middle/high school, college applications, etc. Youth will have opportunities to perform at local events and attend various out-of-class field trips.

Both Sammy and Robert learned the art of breakdancing from local dance legend Jerome Skee Aparis; a member of the World Champion Massive Monkees breakdance crew. Sammy and Robert’s group the VPC Dog Pound have also made a name for themselves by appearing at Seattle’s “Dance This!” at the Paramount Theater. Additionally, Sammy has most recently been seen at the Grammy’s dancing behind Macklemore during the opening segment featuring Macklemore’s song “Downtown”.

Every Monday from 3:30-4:30 pm we will be teaching a class of our own at the incredibly historic Movement Studio located inside the building. The class is completely free – we just want to pass on the opportunity for students to find themselves just as we were given. There is also an additional advanced class from 5:30-6:30 pm that costs ~$60/month. The proceeds will go toward an end-of-year field trip to an out-of-state event that Sammy and I will be sponsoring. All ages welcome. Location: 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle.  If you’re a teacher, parent, or anyone closely involved in the life of a youth, I urge you to share this event with as many of the other teachers/parents, and especially with the youth. Spread the word – let’s impact the next generation together.


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