Recess Time


An Alki Way Recess

Throughout the school the students learn and practice The Alki Way. Always be responsible. Let kindness be your guide. Keep yourself and others safe. Inspire, respect and pride. At recess it is no different. The values are the same and each Alki student learns how those values are applied to recess. Here is the Alki Way Playground Expectation list for your family to reference and discuss with your student:


Always remain in the playground boundaries

Only leave the playground if you have a pass or permission from a supervisor

Take care of the playground equipment

Line up right away when the bell rings


Resolve problems peacefully

Share playground equipment

Be kind

Everyone can play


Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times

Avoid throwing objects other than a ball

No tag/chase games on the big toy

Running and running games on the field


Follow all of the playground rules

Get your line ready for the hall

Don’t litter on the playground

Return all equipment to the cart

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