Thank you to last Monday’s guest speaker Simon Calcavecchia!

It was such a pleasure meeting children’s author and disability awareness advocate, Simon Calcavecchia, at the PTA funded assembly March 12th. Alki students and staff enjoyed his presentation about life with quadriplegia and his children’s book: The Adventures of Frank and Mustard. Simon had just the right amount of talking and video engagement and concluded each assembly with a question and answer session. The K-2 students had very pointed questions about Simon including:
  • How much did it hurt when you got injured?
  • How do you get in the shower?
  • How do you fly on an airplane?
The 3rd – 5th graders seemed very impressed that Simon had a YouTube channel!  Just a few of their questions included:
  • How many videos can you make in a week?
  • What is your YouTube channel called?
  • How fast does your wheelchair go?
  • Can you do the Frank and Mustard voices right now?
Simon answered every question thoughtfully and thoroughly and made a point to make the kids feel comfortable and that every question was important.  Simon is working on a new assembly that centers around his second book: Differently Awesome, and focuses on the importance of inclusion.  Alki PTA hopes to bring Simon back next year and looks forward to establishing a long standing friendship with this amazing individual!  Order forms for Simon’s books went home in Kid Mail March 14th and are due to the PTA Mailbox by March 30th. For more information about Simon please visit:

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