2018/2019 PTA Budget Proposal Presentation at May’s General Membership Meeting


Thank you to PTA Board Members: Lynda Sullivan, Angela Powell and Amy Cooper, Staff Representative: Laurie Iba and PTA President Elect: Jenna Andersen for crunching numbers over the last several weeks and penciling out possibilities for next year’s PTA Budget.

Because the powers that be have STILL not determined that counselors in every elementary school is a basic need the Alki PTA is entering its 3rd year of potentially funding our .5 school counselor for 2018-19.  In addition, the line item that has been dedicated to funding playground, lunchroom and office support staff, providing much needed safety and supervision for ALL students, nearly doubled this year due to mandated wage/benefits increase and the depletion of Alki’s building budget reserves that partially funded these important roles in years past. These two “big ticket items,” combined with the rest of the Alki staff requests, and existing PTA programs and events culminated in the largest proposed PTA Expense Budget to date.  The PTA Budget Committee will present 4 different proposals and discuss in detail the impact each scenario will have on our PTA reserve funds and the sustainability of the PTA Budget.  Please stay for the May 3rd General PTA Meeting (6:30 – 7:30pm after Alki’s Family Safety Night) and be a part of the process prior to the budget vote in June.

Childcare provided – Sign up HERE.


Call to Order

Approval or Correction of March 1st General Meeting Minutes


  • Principal/Staff/BLT
  • PTA Board: Treasurer, Fundraising, Events, Communications, Membership, Legislative

Unfinished Business

  • PTA Nominating Committee – Announce Candidates
  • Inclusion Committee Update
  • PTA Running Club – Seeking Coaches
  • PTA Budget Committee Update

New Business

  • PROPOSAL to fund secured entry – VOTE
  • RESOLUTION: Advocating for Gun Violence Prevention – VOTE
  • Site Improvement Purchases: New BBQ, Pop Up Tent – VOTE
  • Any new business from the floor?

Thank Yous/Announcements

  • Thank you to Alki Sleepover and Poker Party Auction Buy In hosts: Lindsay McDonald & Brenda Gage. Stan & Paulette Athan and Julie & Tom Madden.  Poker Party raised an additional $2160 and continues to be the most popular and lucrative Buy In!
  • April Buy Ins: Purple Rain Paint Night – April 5th 9 spots left!
  • Marination Ma Kai Dine Out: Tuesday April 24th!
  • Running Club Tuesday April 24th – Tuesday May 22nd
  • No Clothes Drive fundraiser this year

Next General Meeting Thursday May 3rd in the Alki Library after Alki Family Safety Night


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