Spring Session has Sprung! In person registration is still open at the CC!


COOL CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Outdoor Exploration

This new class will give your child a chance to explore Alki Beach and Schmitz Park while learning how to thrive in the wilderness!  Experienced outdoorswoman Rachel Vierstra will teach them practical skills such as orienteering, shelter building, and even how to construct a fire.  Bird, plant, and insect identification will be covered as well.

Current Classes:  Spring Clay Modeling, Outdoor Exploration, Beginner Pottery, ¡Alki Aventuras!, Roller Skating, Mixed Martial Arts, Alki Chess Club, Recess Games, Soccer

Register at the Alki Community Center Now!

5817 SW Stevens St. Seattle, WA 98116 Ph: 206-684-7430

Prog. Admin: Savannah Mattson


Phone: (206)790-6659

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