Inclusion Committee: Listening Event (Next Monday)


Focused on Alki PTA Values

Monday, Jun. 11 (6:00 – 7:30 PM) // Alki Elementary Library

As the year is ending and we look toward next year, we wanted to create an opportunity to talk about our PTA. How does Alki’s PTA support our students and community, what are ways we could improve, and what do we want Alki PTA to be in the future?

Are there things that PTA could be doing that it isn’t? What might we need to be aware of
that we aren’t? How has PTA impacted your students or your family’s sense of connection to the school community as a whole?

We will be facilitating a conversation where you will have a chance to share your thoughts and listen to other community members share their experiences. Our hope is that together we can begin to build our goals for Alki PTA for next year.

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