Open PTA Board Roles


PTA President and Vice President work together and share responsibilities as needed.  They need to be thoughtful, respectful and great at communicating calmly, even when faced with a tough decision or unexpected emergencies. This role allows for facilitation of new ideas and a fresh take on “what’s happening” at Alki!

Annual Responsibilities:

  • Attend PTA officer training (about 3 hours) offered several times a year
  • Participate in Annual PTA Board Retreat
  • Update dates and minor changes to all PTA forms for Welcome Packet with the Secretary (August) and assist in creating school and PTA calendar with principal (late Spring)
  • Participate in Budget Committee – 2 or 3 meetings in early spring (This is your chance to voice where PTA dollars are spent)

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • The vice president’s duties are to preside at meetings in the absence of the president
  • Currents Letter from President / PTA Board (Can be written by the President or a VP)

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Daily- review emails and respond as soon as possible
  • As needed, sign checks with treasurer.
  • Principal meeting once per week (to check in with needs, plan event dates, calendar and relay parent info to principal and vice versa)

The position of the vice president and it’s roles/responsibilities can be adapted and shared as needed.

Questions? Want to throw your hat in the ring? Need more information?  Please contact Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox (


The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator is to promote good relations between our school and community, determining and implementing the best methods for recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of Alki Elementary. This role would be in charge of surveying potential volunteers to learn about their talents, interests and skills. Also ensuring they have filled out all of their school volunteer paperwork. and are eligible to participate. Contact for more information!