Alki Vegas Auction Update

Auction News – Viva Las Vegas 11/16/19

Let’s fill all of the volunteer slots by summer. Help us reach our goal and grab a spot here:
The auction is organized separately from other PTA fundraising events and relies on the generosity and support of ALL parents, teachers, family and community members interested in ensuring our children have a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Come to an informal “Taco Tuesday” auction planning meetup on 7/9 at 6pm at Casa Turpen, 3327 56th Ave SW. We promise it will be the most fun you’ll ever have volunteering!

Save the date for the hottest ticket in town, 11/16/19. Pro Tip: Get the babysitter locked down now so you are in for all the action including vow renewals, special appearances, live bidding, and more.

Do you have a timeshare, a boat, airline miles, a talent or a home you can open up for a good cause? Do you work for a company that makes charitable contributions or has matching funds? Please email and make our jobs that much easier.

What would you LOVE to see at the auction? Let the auction chairs know by anonymous texting 206-999-9030.

We look forward to making this the biggest fundraiser yet… Did we say FUN? #4thekids

– Shelly Kurtz & Mark Turpen