Page Turning Pedalers

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Help Ms. Iba give Alki students the opportunity to be active pedalers on safe equipment while learning.

Alki Students

Our school library is a very active place. Our students come in before school, during recess, with their classroom teachers, and after school to not only read and do research but also to participate in many hands-on activities.

Our students are active, eager learners who love to move their bodies while engaging in the learning process.

They love to come to the library and get some energy out while riding our two stationary bikes. Unfortunately, our stationary bikes are in disrepair and are no longer safe to ride.

Doners Choose Project

Our library is a place for students to come and enjoy learning in an active way. We have many students who come to the library to ride our two Craigslist purchased stationary bikes. These bikes have not held up due to the amount of use they get and are now unsafe to pedal. We desperately need stationary bikes that are built with children in mind. What better than a stationary bike for two with a desktop.

“May I ride the bike?” Is a request I get many times a day.

Through this DonorsChoose grant I will again be able to say, “Yes, you may ride the bike. What book are you planning to read while you pedal?”