Alki Book Club: So You Want to Talk About Race

We are starting a book club for adults at Alki!  This book club will read books to educate themselves on issues of race and equity, in an effort to build a community and world for our children that is equitable for all.
This book club is open to everyone!  If you are an avid reader who pours through a book in a day or only have time to squeeze in a few chapters, you are welcome to be a part of this conversation!  This book club will have norms and a discussion guide created by the author to help guide thoughtful questions and commentary that makes everyone feel included.  What if you can’t make the group conversation date or time?  No problem, please read the book, talk about it with others at home, on the playground, or add your thoughts to the online discussion board (this will be the chapter by chapter discussion guide).
You may purchase the book, check it out from the public library, or borrow one of the several copies donated to the school by Alki PTA. Contact Mrs. Dilley at to reserve your copy!
Meeting date Wednesday, February 26th 6:30-7:30pm.