iPad Set Up Instructions and Support

iPad: Initial Setup Instructions from Seattle Public Schools TV on Vimeo.

In preparation for the iPad distribution starting tomorrow, Principal Skeffington wanted to send along a helpful video that SPS has created to assist in getting started with your new device.

District Issued iPads Setup

After you turn your iPad on, tap through each of the following set-up screens

  1. Tap the Home button at the Hello screen.
  2. Select English at the language screen.
  3. Select United States at the Select Your Country or Region screen.
  4. Tap Set Up Manually on the Quick Start screen.
  5. Tap your home Wi-Fi name at the Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen.
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi password in the Enter Password screen.
  7. Select Join. Wait for your iPad to activate.
  8. Select Next in the upper right corner. Wait for the iPad to configure.
  9. Tap Don’t Transfer Apps & Data at the Apps and Data screen.
  10. Tap Next
  11. At the Remote Management screen, enter your SPS Username (without @seattleschools.org) and SPS Password.
  12. Tab Login
  13. Enter your SPS Username@seattleschools.org at the Apple ID screen
  14. Tap Next.
  15. Tap Continue at the Apple ID for Seattle Public Schools screen.
  16. Enter your SPS password on the SPS Login screen.
  17. Tap Sign in.
  18. Tap Enable Location Services at the Location Services screen.

Getting Started with a Student iPad Packet PDF icon


For additional resources, including getting started with SeeSaw, Clever, and Teams, plus how to videos, click the button below!

If the resources above cannot answer your questions, please reach out to Ms. Iba at lliba@seattleschools.org.