Alki-A-Thon Winter Challenge starts next week!


Are you an Alki family? (YES!)
Do you enjoy taking part in FUN, EXCITING, & REWARDING challenges? (Also, YES!)
Well, do we have something in store for you!
This year, the ALKIATHON is going to take place as a seasonal challenge throughout WINTER! We want to encourage FAMILY PARTICIPATION as we all commit to doing good for our hearts while doing good with our hearts for Alki! From December 21st through March 20th, we encourage our Alki community to get outside, step away from screens, beat the gloom of the winter weather, and stay committed to keeping ourselves active and connected with each other and the great outdoors.
Join us for scavenger hunts, challenges, spirit days, and more!!!!
Small things can make a SIGNIFICANT impact. We want to show our students and Alki families that this commitment to ourselves, each other, our health and our community can result in beautiful outcomes! We will improve quality family time, mood, sleep, personal fitness, healthy habits and more on our journey together each day.
CLICK HERE to leave an email address and local address to receive a no-contact porch drop off (*one per family) this week of the following supplies:
  • An Alki blue piggy bank
  • A laminated map of Alki to plan and track your family adventures
  • A pledge sheet and calendar
  • Postcards to share with family, friends, and neighbors about this great opportunity and encourage them to do the same

We will connect with you via email announcing weekly challenges and check in on how your family is doing with your Alki-a-thon commitment!
Staying accountable to each other will help keep us engaged and our community connected! Join along in Alki Elementary Seagulls Facebook Group as we share photos, experiences, and more information about weekly challenges.
You will also receive your Alki student’s very own personal online pledge page to collect donations from family, friends and neighbors near and far!
Small things can make significant impacts – this principle applies to what we can bring forward to Alki Elementary during this challenge. We encourage you to set small pledge amounts based on each walk/activity, miles completed, or minutes participated!
Use coins or IOU slips for your kids to place in their new piggy bank to collect your family donation to Alki Elementary.
For example, pledging .25 per walk each day can accumulate to a $22.75 donation to Alki! Incredible!
Once we gather final tallies on Alki-a-thon donations for Alki Elementary in March, fundraisers will be eligible for the following:
  • Raise $25 for Alki and earn an Alki pennant.
  • Raise $50 for Alki and earn an Alki s’mores kit & Alki pennant.
  • Raise $150 for Alki and earn a butterfly farm, Alki s’mores kit, & Alki pennant.
  • Raise $300 for Alki and earn MOD PIZZA dinner for 4, a butterfly farm, Alki s’mores kit, & Alki pennant.

Participation is open to all. Fundraising participation not required.


Historically, Alki-a-thon has been the second largest fundraiser for Alki Elementary. We encourage families to participate in fundraising if at all possible, as our school PTA continues to operate under a financial crisis. To fulfill our grant obligation to Alki Elementary, which provides services such as our school social worker, nurse, and academic support and programming, we must continue find a way to raise $77,000 by the end of the school year. We are working hard to make this happen without compromising our commitment to support our community, local businesses, and our local family community of Alki. The Alki-a-thon is no exception, as we prioritize the health and wellness of families in our approach to this piece of family engagement.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication as we work through this pandemic together, by strength of community.