Wellness Wednesday: Fun Pilates Fusion with the Family

This Wellness Wednesday we will be sharing a zoom work out video that can be done as a family! This 15 minute exercise is great way to engage together, burn off some energy and focus on healthy time together. Beginners and all ages welcome! Come as you are, turn off your camera during the session, and stay present with your little ones as we share a fun family work out brought to you by Yoga Glo and Kit Rich.


After our 15 minute activity session, we will be discussing the Alki-a-thon, and how we have reimagined this one day jog-a-thon for family success during distance learning. We will be offering early bird sign-up and reserving time for questions and discussion about this fun, community building and heart-healthy activity!

You won’t want to miss it!

This Wednesday, 12/9

6pm – 6:30pm


Mat Pilates with Kit Rich via YOGA GLO

Level 1 

15 min


Get a great work out while having fun with your family! The first part of class will get your heart racing while working on coordination.

You’ll do the silly shakes and jumping jacks, then bring it to the floor for some light core work with bicycles, swimming and boat.


RSVP HERE: https://tinyurl.com/AlkiWellnessDec2020