Open Board Positions 2022 – 2023

President – PTA President should be thoughtful, respectful and great at communicating calmly, even when faced with a tough decision or unexpected emergencies. This role allows for facilitation of new ideas and a fresh take on “what’s happening” at Alki. They support the PTA through ensuring all board and committee have what they need to make families feel supported and part of the Alki community. For more information:
Treasurer – The Treasurer helps the PTA do its work in the school and community by making sure it has the funds needed to support all of its activities, and by maintaining the PTA’s status as a nonprofit organization in good standing. The Treasurer does these things by keeping the financial records for the PTA, managing our budget, handling payments from and deposits into our bank accounts, and filing the state and federal paperwork required every year for nonprofit organizations. The job requires care and attention to detail, but our Treasurer is well supported in their job: Alki Elementary PTA has members with many years of experience who are eager to help, and we have good documentation and software that makes the Treasurer’s ongoing tasks relatively easy and quick. For more information:
Secretary – The Secretary supports the PTA board by keeping detailed notes and sign in sheets at the meetings, drafting and revising standing rules for the bylaws, supporting committees in organizing and keeping notes and information, reviewing the PTA budget for accuracy, standing in for other executive board members as needed. For more information:
Membership Chair – This position is busiest in the Fall recruiting and renewing members as the year starts and then finding creative ways to continue supporting membership through the year. They are also responsible for importing membership information from our local system to the national PTA. For more information:
Events Chair – The Events Chair organizes committees for the PTA events. This will be a collaborative position working closely with the Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising, FACE, and Communications Chairs. This position will include some creativity and flexibility as the schools respond to COVID and follow whatever guidelines come our way! For more information:
Building Leadership Team (BLT), PTA Representative – This position is a unique one that bridges the PTA and school. As a PTA board member and BLT member you’ll attend both meetings looking for opportunities that the PTA can support Alki’s School Improvement Plan (CSIP), budgeting, professional development, among other topics. It’s a great opportunity for someone who is interested in sharing the family perspective with the school.
Note: the BLT meetings are generally once a month after school.
Fundraising Co-ChairThis position is responsible for managing all the various fundraising activities that contribute to the budgeted income for the school year. Most years the income expected from fundraising is targeted at $100K to meet objectives.
Please contact with questions or to express your interest in a PTA Board position.