Alki PTA Musical Thank You!

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of “The CLAW!” on a successful performance weekend! 6 weeks of hard work paid off for all the performers, student crew, and parent committees! 3 sold out shows, bake sale, raffle sale and flower sales fundraisers raised over 5k for Alki PTA!! But more than that – the experience of live theater on Alki’s stage was one that will always be remembered!

So many thanks to the families and Alki staff that supported the effort! We couldn’t have done it without you:

Thank you to the CLAW Parent Production Team!
Executive Producer/Director – Amy Cooper
Production Assistants (and do’ers of all the things!) – Tonya Miller & Amelya O’Neill
Guest Musical Director – Sean Meckley
Guest Choreographer – Stacie Hart
Guest Lighting/Sound Technician – Bruce Hart
“The CLAW” Design and Construction – Matt Cooper
Costume/Makeup Committee – Alexis Thompson, Lisa Chapman, Kristina Kuyper, Heather Brincko, Sarah Hodge, Ruby Harkleroad (guest makeup artist)
Set Committee – Mario Laky, Owen & Jenny Mesdag, Daron Walters
Props Committee – Tonya Miller, Amelya O’Neill, Jessica Meeds
Ticket/Front of House Committee – Salleigh Knox, Ashley Kenny, Lillie Ponnusamy, Emily Pratt, Kara Luckey
Bake Sale – Lisette Terry, Lee Anne Hughes, Carly Beaulieu, Cheryl Meckley
Flower Sale – Jess Zimbabwe, Pauline Chardoul Sutter, Laetitia Rettori
Raffle Baskets/Raffle Sale – Justine Berk, Ingrid Suess Harkleroad
Playbill Poster – Stacie Hart
Program – Nicole McDermet-Grob
Program Kid Art – Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox and Marshall Wilcox
Cast Tshirt – Kristina Tamaria
Marketing – Joe Belcher
Photographer – Christa Aoki
Videographer – Danny Gawlowski

Rehearsal Supervisors & Snack Donations– Tonya Miller, Amelya O’Neill, Stacie Hart, Lilah Behrend, Heather Brincko, Kylie Kirkland, Alice Hwang, Theresa Ashcraft, Erica Sullivan, Mario Laky, Victor Chow, Jessica Meeds, Giselle De Girolami, Sue Belcher, Emily Harris

Backstage Supervisors – Amelya O’Neill, Farrah Kunkel, Claire Diethe, Rosalie Savillo, Kelli Faryar, Jodie Fickett

Alki Stage Clean-Up Crew – Ace Thompson, John Faryar, Danny Gawlowski, Victor Chow, Mario Laky, Bruce Hart, Lillie Ponnusamy, Claire Diethe, Ashley Kenny, Josie Fickett (and student helpers too!)

Alki PTA would like to give special thanks to: Principal Mason Skeffington, Alki Attendance Secretary Irene Merz, Alki Front Office Admin Amey Nutter, Alki Lunchroom/Playground Supervisor Renee Umeno, Alki Custodians Stephanie Young & Elliott Stewart, Sam Turner at Genesee Hill Elementary for costume pieces, Alki PTA Communications Co-Chairs Nicole Vickers and Salleigh Knox and all the staff and families of Alki Elementary for your support of our PTA Musical’s return to the stage!