Golden Acorn Award Winners!

Thank you to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy this year to Alki PTA and especially Alki’s very special students and staff. We appreciate all you do for our beloved school and for supporting our community.

Alki Elementary PTA is honored to announce this year’s Golden Acorn recipients, Salleigh Knox and Lindsay Yost!

Salleigh Knox was so excited to get involved at Alki she first became the Box Top fundraiser coordinator before her daughter even started kindergarten back in 2018! In the 5 years since she has served on the PTA Board and held a variety of roles including: Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Chair, Staff Appreciation Chair, School Supply Pack Coordinator, and for the last several years Fundraising Chair in which she has devoted countless hours to coordinating community based fundraisers like our pumpkin patch, thanksgiving pie sales, and so much more! She has set up dine outs in support of local businesses, and we have Salleigh to thank for the return of the Alkiathon! The last two years she also Co-chaired PTA Communications, keeping our families in the loop with monthly newsletters she created, Facebook posts she updates constantly, and event flyers and graphics that seem to just appear from nowhere! Salleigh’s contributions have impacted our community in ways that most of us don’t even realize. One of her lesser known contributions included working with former PTA President Mike Uehara-Bingen and Ms. Davina Dilley in successfully bringing a legislative proposal to Washington State Legislature for funding counselors and mental health supports in Washington schools for ALL students! Salleigh has been a superstar volunteer in our community for all of her years at Alki – always there to lend a hand, and is a most worthy recipient of this year’s Golden Acorn award. Thank you, Salleigh!


Alki PTA would also like to present Lindsay Yost with a Golden Acorn award for her years of contributions to Alki PTA. When Lindsay first came to Alki in the fall of 2015 she hit the ground running and chaired the PTA Nominating Committee and co-chaired Staff Appreciation Week. She soon joined the Board as Membership Chair eventually transitioning to Events Chair, successfully helping to facilitate all the many community events sponsored by Alki PTA. With a background in professional dancing – she shared her talents with the cast of the 2016 Musical as volunteer choreographer and also single handedly brought the PTA Reflections Art Program back to Alki – hosting after school workshops and submitting Alki student art for consideration in the statewide program – showcasing winners at the Seattle Center and ALL Alki’s student artists at a special PTA meeting in non-pandemic years. Having a passion for the Arts, Lindsay also sat on Alki’s Arts Committee with staff and parents. In addition to her years of service at Alki, Lindsay has also held roles at Seattle Council PTA including Reflections Chair and Board Secretary (among other roles) and was recently elected to Washington State PTA Board of Directors in the role of Area A Vice President! Lindsay’s dedication to serving ALL students and families of Washington schools is evident in everything she does. She puts so much heart into her volunteer work – doing jobs most of us cannot even fathom – and Alki is better because she was here. Thank you, Lindsay!


Thank you to everyone who has supported and volunteered with Alki PTA. We would also like to include a special shout-out to Amy Cooper and Lisette Terry!


Amy has done so much for Alki PTA over her many years here and it would take pages to list all the ways she has been involved! Most recently, she’s been our fabulous Musical Director and our Alki PTA consultant, stepping in to help this year’s board of directors by sharing her expansive knowledge and jumping in to get things done. Thank you Amy for your positive attitude and for always being willing to help out! We are so lucky to have been graced by your presence and Alki is a better place because of you!

Lisette has also been very active in Alki PTA over the last few years, serving as PTA Secretary and then taking on the role of Vice President this past year. This year was unique because we did not have a president, so Lisette stepped up as our fearless leader, leading every meeting and enthusiastically volunteering at every PTA hosted event. Thank you for your Alki Pride and ushering the PTA out of pandemic times.

With tremendous gratitude,
Alki PTA