2019-2020 Alki PTA Executive Board


Tom Harris, President


Tom is the father of seven-year old Sam Harris, who is a second grader at Alki Elementary this year. Tom is a stay-at-home dad, he has had his own interior design company since 1993 and has also worked in manufacturing and importation in China since 2002. He is excited to be a part of the close- knit Alki community and is committed to ensuring a safe and enriching environment for all of the children who attend Alki. He is a firm supporter of our teachers and all those who work to make Alki a great place. His goals for the coming year include facilitating access to participation in school life for the parents of all children and to bring greater resources for, and awareness of, our diverse families.


Melanie Granger, Vice-President


“Hello Beautiful people! I’ve been an Alki parent for three years, and counting. I have a little origami king named Taj, who’s in third grade at Alki. Taj has spent some of his most important years at Alki, with some amazing teachers and staff. Alki Elementary is a progressive school that instills essential characteristic traits that our children will carry into their adult years. For this I am grateful. I am interested in joining the PTA to encourage and build a more inclusive community within Alki and outside of Alki. A little bit about myself you ask. I was born and raised in The Motor City, Detroit, MI. I lived in California for 9 years, pursuing my career as a wardrobe stylist for entertainers such as PitBull, Ice Cube, and KIDZ BOP to name a few. I’ve participated in many philanthropic endeavors throughout my adolescence and adult life. I am co-creator/founder of One Million Tampons, a

campaign that collects menstrual product and distribute throughout Seattle to ones in need. I’m a skateboard mom. I run an indoor play space called “WE FREE HEARTS”, for children 6mos-6yrs at the South Park Hall in South Park. I have a band called Push4luv that performs throughout Seattle.”


Nicole Bryant, Treasurer


Nicole has been a proud Alki parent since 2012. She and her husband, Mike, have two boys, Jackson (5th grade) and Dylan (7th grade at Madison). Nicole has sought out ways to volunteer, including PTA art docent and in-class assistance, that could flex around her active work life as a Tax Director for PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”). Nicole’s company tracks the hours she works on this non-profit board and for youth volunteering and turns those hours directly into $$ for Alki via company donations. Win, Win!! She enjoys 5k races, wine club (oops, BOOK club), concerts, any sort of competition/team events, and coaching youth sports.


Mel Spiker, Secretary


“This is my second year as PTA Secretary, and I’m tasked with revising last year’s bio. But I’d rather speak about the board as a whole this time around. We are united by our own unique experiences that lead us to filling our PTA roles, and we spent a couple days this summer sharing where we are all coming from… whether a family of professional educators or multi-generational ties to West Seattle, a keen queen bee buzzing about everything communications, or a free heart capable of mobilizing a community to bring dignity to women in the streets of Seattle, we have an analytical problem solver and a relentless number cruncher, and then there’s this guy that NEVER imagined he’d find himself here but realizes now there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. So here we all are,

positioned to make moves and improve our school climate and strengthen collaborative relationships. I hope our community will lean in to co-create a framework that will help our children feel safe and supported as they learn to come into their own versions of themselves. Our work will provide a foundation that will support Alki’s continuous improvements to benefit the next wave of children and families. Let’s get this party started!”