Thank you for all of your support for our wonderful community with this year’s auction fundraiser. We set out to create a focus on ONE ALKI and we did it! We celebrated our teachers, staff, parents, friends, local businesses and most of all, our kiddos who took front stage as “Our Why” with smiling faces, one of a kind “Angels of Alki“ ornaments and special classroom kid art, not to mention a whole lot of fun and fundraising. This year’s auction brought in over $147,000 and counting. That’s $40,000 more than last year, thanks to YOU! It was especially rewarding to see so many new faces in the crowd.

Putting on a special event is a lot of work and we couldn’t have done it without hundreds of volunteer hours from parents and generous in-kind support by hundreds of businesses.

This year’s auction had so many unique items and new donors, thanks to outreach by our ‘Volunteer of the Year’, Courtney Teitler and her family. We were joined by a team of dozens of volunteers and would like to thank everyone who contributed to the auction. Special kudos to Lee Anne Hughes for many late nights as well.

Even though our trip to Vegas is complete, there are still 5 important ways to help push us to the finish line over our $150,000 milestone and create more opportunity for Alki Elementary kids, our teachers and the support staff.

1 – Purchase one of a kind buy-in parties or specialty items in the online catalog before they’re gone at Fun fact: Over $10,000 has been raised from online sales.

2 – Shop small and find a special ornament or kid pic (or both!) on display in the Alki office for only $20 each and take home special holiday treasures. Checks can be dropped in the Alki PTA mailbox or payment can be made online by emailing Fun fact: Each ornament is hand painted by Alki kids and multiple kid prints can be ordered as gifts.

3 – Make an online donation through the Direct Give portal and encourage your friends and family to donate to the cause at Fun fact: Hammer & Hand Home Builders donated $2,000 to our auction fundraising because of a direct ask!

4 – Turn in your receipts to employers for matching funds. Fun fact: over $5,000 is coming to Alki through employee matching!

5 – Join us at the Dec. 4th PTA Meeting and vote your approval to dedicate important dollars to funding gaps. (Not so) Fun fact: Currently, Alki Elementary only receives funding to allocate a school nurse 1.5 days a week.

It takes a village to raise our kids in a healthy environment and we are so grateful to be a small part of creating ONE ALKI with you. Thanks for going #allin4alki

– 2019 Alki Auction Co-Chairs, Shelly Kurtz & Mark Turpen

ALKI VEGAS AUCTION – You can make a difference! 

The annual Auction is Alki’s largest and most exciting fundraising effort! Driven year after year by the countless volunteer hours given by our talented parent group the auction outdoes itself every year both in funds raised and fun had!!

Special thanks to all of the Auction Team, Auction Night Of Volunteers, Kid Art Volunteers, Buy In Party Hosts, and Dessert Dash Bakers that helped make this a night to remember: Shelly Kurtz, Mark and Nicole Turpen, Lee Anne Hughes, Courtney and Kevin Teitler, Kiera Silva, Britney Straus, Salleigh Knox, Erica Sullivan, Ellie Neilson, Tess Perez, Hera McLeod, Janelle Sosh, Davina Dilley, Kristina Olson-Kuyper, Whitney Marois, Heidi Funston, Jillian Leingang, Pedro DeGuzman, Kylie Kirkland, Kirsty Grainger, Rachel Thomas, Marissa Roy, Akemi Sakaida, Ali Pankop, Jen Roper Gulsrud, Johanna Wrenholt, Megan Bell, Jillian Moore, Ashley Seffernick, Sabrina Ramme, Lindsay McDonald, Cat Brown, Lillie Ponnusamy, Robin Thaler, Jen Butler, Colleen Lowe, Christine Kraynek, Debby-Lee Ellis, Verl Jones, Jordan Quinn, Laetitia Rettori, Amy and Owen Reese, Lisa Chapman, Casey Howe, Melanie Granger, Wei Yan, Michelle Comazzetto, Aimee Riordan, Char and Joe Frank, Heather and Josh DeSpain, Leanna Pan, April Christiansen, Robin Kumar, Renee Umeno, Jenna Andersen, Jess Zimbabwe, Ming Yuan, Mel Spiker, Rachel Wendler, Ingrid Suess-Harkleroad, Cheryl Kurtz, Elsy Davison, Kara Luckey, Kerry Bowen, Ashley Morrison, Jenny Mesdag, Carrie McInelly, April Christiansen, Dianne Szerlong, Laurie Rasmussen, Pamela Boyd, Dale and Jen Ross, Annie Mizuta, Kisha Vaughan, Andy Dwinell, Paul Morse, all Alki Teachers & Staff, and to everyone who donated items to this year’s auction!