Alki Elementary 2021/2022 Class Directory

Alki PTA is providing an opt-in directory to encourage family-to-family connections in a virtual world.

The information you provide in the link below will be shared with other families in your student’s grade level.

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Directory Rules of Engagement

Access to Alki Elementary’s Class Directory has been made possible for purposes of encouraging positive family-to-family connection and relationship building during remote learning. We ask all users to respect the rules of engagement outlined below. Any violation of these guidelines will result in the removal of directory privileges. Please report any abuse or concerns to:

By engaging in this directory, you are agreeing to the following:

  • All correspondence will relate to matters of enhancing positive connections between families.
  • Communication will not contain defamation, profanity, obscenity, violence, personal attacks, discriminatory content, threats, or unrelated content.
  • Sharing personal contact information of others or using the directory for personal gain or communication outside of intended use as outlined above is forbidden.
  • All feedback or concerns regarding school instruction, staff, structure, or any other related material should be sent directly to Principal Mason Skeffington at and not to Alki families.

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Alki PTA está proporcionando un directorio de inclusión voluntaria para fomentar las conexiones de familia a familia en un mundo virtual.

La información que proporcione en el enlace a continuación se compartirá con otras familias en el nivel de grado de su hijo. El directorio de Alki estará protegido con contraseña y estará disponible después de que se anuncien las ubicaciones de las clases.


Alki PTA በምናባዊ ዓለም ውስጥ ከቤተሰብ-ወደ-ቤተሰብ ግንኙነቶችን ለማበረታታት የመግቢያ ማውጫ እያቀረበ ነው።

ከዚህ በታች ባለው አገናኝ ውስጥ የሰጡት መረጃ በተማሪዎ የክፍል ደረጃ ውስጥ ካሉ ሌሎች ቤተሰቦች ጋር ይጋራል። የአልኪ ማውጫ በይለፍ ቃል የተጠበቀ እና የመደብ ምደባዎች ማስታወቂያ ከተለቀቁ በኋላ የሚገኝ ይሆናል ፡፡

እዚህ ይመዝገቡ

Nagbibigay ang Alki PTA ng isang direktoryo ng opt-in upang hikayatin ang mga koneksyon ng pamilya-sa-pamilya sa isang virtual na mundo.

Ang impormasyong ibinibigay mo sa link sa ibaba ay ibabahagi sa iba pang mga pamilya sa antas ng grado ng iyong mag-aaral. Ang direktoryo ng Alki ay protektado ng password at magagamit matapos ang mga paglalagay ng klase ay inihayag.

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