The Alki PTA strives to limit the amount of fundraising that we ask of our families and community. We focus our efforts on two main fundraisers a year along with a handful of other fundraising events that support our local community and strengthen our own! If you have ideas or suggestions or if you’d like to volunteer, contact the Alki Fundraising Chair, Amy Cheng at

Over 60% (and that’s conservative!) of our budgeted fundraising income is generated by our Fall Auction. This enormous expenditure of volunteer hours, sweat and tears results in a gross income of anywhere from 70K -100K each year.

The annual Alki-a-Thon, our second biggest fundraiser, aims to raise over 20K (15% of our total income) in sponsorships and pledges!  In between the auction and the Alki-a-Thon there are plenty more ways to give!

Every little bit helps and our generous community never ceases to amaze!