In It Together

Our hearts are filled with gratitude
to those who keep us safe
keep us fed
keep us free.
Our hearts are filled with hope
as we look toward each other
and lift each other up
with goodwill
love & humanity.
We stand.
Please join us in this movement of community, as we reach out to help one another through these trying times. Let’s continue to support our connectedness while we are apart.
We are in this together.
Alki Elementary


During these unprecedented times of true uncertainty, Alki Elementary has set out to shine the light on small businesses and families in need here in West Seattle. We have always relied on our community’s support to help us fund staff positions (counselor, nurse, and hourly staff) and programs within our school, and our community has never let us down. Now, our call to return that support is clear. We are filled with ideas and moving forcefully with meaningful action through our “IN communITy TOGETHER” initiative.

By way of our collective minds and hearts, we have already launched 3 separate efforts during this pandemic, honoring our mission to serve and support those our own neighborhood.

Selling flowers for our local flower farmers on Mother’s Day was wildly successful.  Thank you to everyone that purchased these lovely bouquets. The idea lives on, as other schools have adopted our model and continue to host sales for Lee Lor Gardens and Blong’s Garden.


Currently, two more efforts are taking place. For Father’s Day we are supporting Husky Deli, The Beer Junction, and Safeway on Admiral as we sell pre-orders of DIY ROOT BEER FLOAT KITS for drive thru pick-up at Husky Deli on Father’s Day, June 21st.







Lastly, our initiative to FEED THOSE IN NEED is the pride and joy of IN IT TOGETHER. We have partnered with the existing effort of local restaurants here in West Seattle (The Westy, Mission Cantina, The Bridge, Peel and Press, and West 5), as well as the Alibi Room at Pike Place Market to provide healthy meals to first responders, seniors, healthcare workers, and those experiencing food insecurities due to the pandemic. A $10 donation will provide one meal as well as support our local community needs through ALKI CARES FUND. Alki Cares supports families severely impacted by COVID19, providing them with groceries, supplies, and more. To date, we have provided 235 meals!



Click HERE to go to the article about Alki PTA’s “In Community Together” initiative.