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Hellooooooooooo Alki Community!

Have you been wondering about joining the PTA? Are you feeling inspired to find a way to add your support, but not sure that you can find the time? Would you like to volunteer at school events, but not sure how to get started? Do you have some thoughts about how to make the school better, and want to discuss?

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is your community. This is your school. And if you engage with the PTA, you’ll find that it is made up of several people who are eager to support your inspirations. We want to hear your ideas, and we want to help bring them to life. The PTA is a venue for you to follow your inspirations to make the school better.

Also note that the PTA manages a budget which makes up a significant portion of several critical initiatives at Alki. Do you have an opinion on what we should be doing with those precious dollars?

PTA thrives on increased diversity of thought and experience. That means that your perspective is an essential part of how the PTA should spend money, time, and energy.

Today, without becoming a PTA member, you are already welcome to attend PTA meetings, volunteer for activities, and share your opinion.

But for just $12…

1) You’ll officially have a vote on all PTA agenda.
2) You’ll get discounts (and other types of benefits) for

several services and retailers, including several car rental agencies, FedEx, Lego, Office Depot, local theme parks, Lifelock, MetLife, Quicken, and much more. Learn more about these benefits at the following links…

Washington State PTA:
National PTA:

3) You’ll officially join over 4 million people who share your interest in addressing issues which affect children.

Ready to become a member?

– You can do that here:
– If you’re interested in a confidential scholarship membership, simply send me an email at and we can make it work.

Not sure? Wanna grab a coffee and chat about it?
– Let’s do it! Email me at

Just curious at this point?

– Join us at the next PTA Meeting! Wed, Oct 2nd, 6:30pm-7:30pm, School Library

This is your community, this is your school, and we can’t wait to learn how you’d like to get involved.




How much does it cost?  Membership is $12/year.  Scholarships are available.

What will I have to do it I join?  As much or as little as you’d like!  By simply joining, you’re adding your voice to the PTA.

Who can join?  Anyone! Grandparents, family, friends, community members, alumni.

Discounts? Members receive great discounts to FedEx, Staples, Great Wolf Lodge, Wild Waves, car rentals… PLUS discounts on tickets to the State Fair, local sports and entertainment! Click here for a list of discounts.

Do I need to renew each year? Yes, your membership is good for one year.



The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help your school. But there are many more PTA advantages from

Get Connected

  • There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school.

Speak Up 

  • PTA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at your child’s school.

Discover Great Resources: 

  • The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as students.

Witness Improvement 

  • By getting involved at your child’s school you’ll be part of the solution, helping make positive changes. Local PTAs play an important role by supporting building improvements through advocacy and play an important role in fundraising for curriculum based programs and social events.

Be a Role Model 

  • By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.

Enjoy Substantial Benefits 

  • Individuals and local units can take advantage of a host of benefits from PTA membership including discounts and offers from member benefits providers and sponsors, magazine subscriptions, leadership training, e-newsletters and much more.

Tap into a Network 

  • PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences.

Watch Yourself Grow 

  • By volunteering with your PTA, you put your skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause—your child and all children in the community.

Want to know more?  Contact our Membership Chair, Mike U-B (