Audition Lines

Zoom Auditions – Tuesday, February 23rd 3:00-5:00pm.

All performers will want to familiarize themselves with the script and vocal tracks prior to auditions but there is no need to memorize or prepare anything in advance. Auditioners will be taught a few bars of “Super Happy Awesome News” and “Honestly, Part 1” to sing a cappella and they will act out a line from one or more of their desired parts.

  • JOEY: Good afternoon. I’m reporting to you live from Super Happy Awesome News headquarters.
    I’m Joey, and I’ve assembled an expert team to bring you the happiest news around… in song!
  • WEATHER REPORTER: Wait a second! I had the wrong zip code. That explains it! Okay, let’s see
    here! Ah, yes that’s better… (singing) WE GOT SUN! Whew! Lots of sun… oh yeah! It’s gonna be a
    hundred and twenty-oneI… Wait. WHAT?
  • ANIMAL REPORTER: Ah! There she is – the fiercest creature in the animal kingdom! And look at
    those fangs – enough venom to take down an elephant! Terrifying. Let’s see how close we can get.
  • SPORTS CASTER: Whoa! You’re really putting your neck on the line! Great work out there. I’m
    coming to you live, from Bar S fields. The rivalry between West Seattle Soccer Club and that other
    team has been heating up all year long. This is sure to be an epic matchup.
  • PARKER: Hello from someone who is definitely NOT annoying and who is TOTALLY an expert in
    happy news. I’m here to welcome you all to my brand new show! And now, it’s time for my AMAZING
    theme song!
  • EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 1: Are you a parent who’s stuck at home with your kids all day? Are you
    constantly searching for activities to enrich their lives? Are you determined to shape them into the
    best people they can be? We at EKEA have a strong recommendation… (sings) Leave them alone…
    hand them an iPad…
  • SPICY WATER SALESPERSON: You know how water is super good for you, but it’s also super
    tasteless? Well now, you can spice up your water with Spicy Water!
  • POLITICS REPORTER 1 & 2: Hello from Super Happier Awesomer News – the even happier news
    network! It seems the friendship bracelet situation has escalated. In fact, every politician in the nation
    is now linking arms and singing. And I can’t help but join in! Come on, congress! Let’s belt it out!
  • CHEF 1 & 2: We at Super Happy Awesome News know nothing is happier than a perfect, gourmet
    meal… (singing) My name is Francois Alexander… I studied my art in Paris… (Pair-REE)
  • COMMUNITY REPORTER: Hi there, it’s good to see you. And we all know it’s good to see me. I’m
    coming to you on behalf of Super Happy Awesome News. It seems you can’t get enough of us and,
    as it turns out, I can’t get enough of me either!
  • BLAIR, DYLAN, TANNER: Thanks! My parents definitely can’t dance, but my dad and I have
    another hobby!
  • LASHAWN, DESI, SAGE, JAYLEN: Hi. I really like your show. I know it wasn’t super happy, but my
    favorite story was actually that interview Parker did. I haven’t really talked about this, but it hasn’t
    been great here either.
  • EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 2: This is AMAZING! Have you ever felt a tree before!? It’s incredible!
    And you don’t even need to charge it!



Printable Musical Flyer