Audition Materials

Students will be asked to sing the chorus of one of the audition songs and read scenes from the script. Students who are considered for a leading role may be asked to sing a specific character solo or possibly read again from the script. If you don’t read/sing by yourself that DOES NOT mean you will not have a role. Everyone will have a character and a part, whether a lead, supporting, or ensemble.

SING as a group and/or individually (Lyrics are in the Audition package below).




  • Wednesday, Nov. 13 (1:10 – 3:45 PM) Auditions (Alki Lunchroom)
  • Thursday, Nov. 14 (2:25 – 5:00 PM) Auditions (Alki Lunchroom)
  • Friday, Nov. 15 (2:25 – 5:00 PM) Audition Callbacks (Alki Lunchroom)