Audition Information & Roles

“Super Happy Awesome News!” Audition Info:


All performers will want to familiarize themselves with the script and vocal tracks prior to auditions but there is no need to memorize or prepare anything in advance.

Auditioners will be taught a few bars of “Super Happy Awesome News” and “Honestly, Part 1” to sing a cappella and they will act out a line from one or more of their desired parts. 


“Super Happy Awesome News!” Roles:
  1. JOEY – Joey is a charismatic kid who just launched a news program. Strong actor & singer!  Vocal Track 01: Super Happy Awesome News


  1. WEATHER REPORTER – overly optimistic reporter. The actor should have lots of energy and comedic timing! Vocal Track 02: Super Awesome Weather


  1. ANIMAL REPORTER – is a brave, animal obsessed, reporter. Australian accent is a plus! (Actor may or may not incorporate pet or animal from home for their scene) Non-Singing Role


  1. SPORTSCASTER – is an upbeat reporter. The role requires the ability to sing a comedic song with lots of energy and positivity! Vocal Track 03: Good Game


  1. PARKER – is Joey’s eager little sibling. The role requires a strong singer/actor who can be playful and genuine. Vocal Track 05: Super Happier Awesomer News!


  1. EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 1 – representative from the Every Kid Everywhere Association. This role sings a satirical song in an overly earnest manner.  Vocal Track 04: Leave Them Alone


  1. SPICY WATER SALESPERSON – an exuberant infomercial salesman. Requires an actor with comedic chops. Non-Singing Role


  1. POLITICS REPORTER 1 – an impressive reporter. Requires an actor who can deliver a comedic monologue in a very professional and serious manner. Non-Singing Role


  1. POLITICS REPORTER 2 – an enthusiastic reporter. Vocal Track 06: I’m Your BFF


  1. CHEF 1 – a highly trained gourmet Chef – french or foreign accent a plus! Vocal Track 07: It’s an Art


  1. CHEF 2 – a creative, exuberant chef.  This scene is well suited to a performer who’s comfortable getting messy! Non-Singing Role


  1. COMMUNITY REPORTER – is a pompous reporter. Requires actor to deliver a comedic  monologue with confidence. Non-Singing Role


  1. BLAIR – is a joyful, funny kid that sings a short song with humor and enthusiasm. Vocal Track 08: It Was Good, Part 1


  1. DYLAN – is a sweet, energetic kid with eager enthusiasm. Vocal Track 09: It Was Good, Part 2


  1. TANNER – is an attention-loving kid with humor and confidence! Vocal Track 10: It Was Good Part 3


  1. LASHAWN – is an honest, vulnerable kid. This role requires the ability to be emotional. Vocal Track 11: Honestly, Part 1


  1. EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 2 – is wired and jittery. This role requires a comedic actor with a lot of energy. Non-Singing Role


  1. DESI – is an open, expressive kid. The role requires the ability to be earnest. Vocal Track 12: Honestly, Part 2


  1. SAGE – is a genuine kid going through a tough time. The role requires the ability to be vulnerable. Vocal Track 13: Honestly, Part 3


  1. JAYLEN – is a thoughtful kid. This role requires the ability to show their emotions. Vocal Track 14: Honestly, Part 4