Building Leadership Team (BLT)

All Seattle Public Schools have an advisory committee made up of representative teachers, staff and parents which helps govern decisions made at school.  These committees are called Building Leadership Teams (BLTs) and they meet once per month for 1-2 hours after school.  The Alki Elementary School BLT currently includes two parent representative, one PTA representative and one at-large representative.  The BLT has seen that it works well for the at-large representative to be aware of the entire parent population of the school with an understanding that not all parents identify with the politics and vision of PTA.

Building Leadership Team (BLT) meets on the second Monday of each month at 2:25 PM in the Alki Library.  Everyone is welcome to come.  Click here for calendar.


Agendas, Minutes, and Additional Information:

BLT Agenda & Minutes 2019-2020 Updated Nov. 2019