Highlights from April’s PTA General Membership Meeting

We know you are busy.  We get it.  If you were able to attend, thank you for making the time.  If not, here are a few of the things you missed from the April 3rd meeting:

  • Yearbook Cover Contest:  42 entries were submitted and displayed in the library at the start of the meeting.  Each person was asked to vote for their favorites.  It was not easy!  The top 10 are currently displayed in the main school hallway.  Each class will vote for their favorite this week.  Thank you to Angela Powell (Yearbook Chair) for putting all of this together!
  • Nomination Committee:  We officially have a nominating committee of 2 members who are in search of next year’s Vice President and non-elect board roles.  If you are interested in the role or know someone who would be great, please contact info@alkipta.com!
  • Budget Presentation/Vote: The budget committee presented both the PTA , including the School’s ask, and the 2019/2020 PTA Budget passed unanimously!  We will post a breakdown of the budget here shortly.
  • Election:  Tom Harris was officially voted in as President for the remainder of the year and will continue on as President next year.  Congrats Tom!

The next Alki PTA General Membership Meeting will be Thursday, May 2nd (6:30-7:30 PM, Alki Library).  All are welcome and we hope to see you there!