Musical – Aesop’s Fables


Registration deadline Nov. 14 (kidmail or PTA box)
Mandatory Parent Meeting Wednesday, Nov. 9 (6:30 PM)
$75 – Make checks payable to Alki Elementary PTA
Scholarships available: Email to inquire

Musical Songs Here

This year the PTA is excited to be offering a fabulous musical production AESOP’S FABLES.  The production will be open to 3rd – 5th grade students and will culminate with two performances. 5th grade students have priority, all 5th graders who would like to participate will. 3rd and 4th graders are subject to lottery, if all spaces fill.


Mandatory Parent Meeting: Wednesday, Nov. 9 (6:30 PM / Cafeteria)
Payment due at Parent Meeting (no refunds given after casting)

Rehearsal Dates (2:05 – 4:30 PM):
Nov. 14 – 17 (on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday)
Dec. 1 – 16
Jan. 3 – 20
Jan. 23, 24, & 26 (ALL CAST REHERSAL)

Tech/Dress Rehearsal (West Seattle HS)
Jan. 30 – 31
Feb. 1

Thursday, Feb. 2 (7:00 PM)
Friday, Feb. 3 (7:00 PM)
Saturday, Feb. 4 (2:00 PM)

No more than two conflicts will be allowed for the first half of the production and NO CONFLICTS will be allowed after Tuesday, Jan. 17. NO CONFLICTS means that if your child is scheduled to be at rehearsals then THEY MUST BE PRESENT. During this time, theater must take priority to all other activities, sports, and appointments. Conflicts must be given to Melia Scranton, in writing, prior to beginning the play.