Tutoring-41-on-1 Reading Tutors Needed

Do you have 20-40 minutes one day a week to work with a student one-on-one to help them with their reading? How about an hour a week? How about two days a week? If any of these sound doable, we have the volunteer job for you! You will be given training and you will be working with a student/students before you know it.

You will become a Sound Partners tutor and you will help transform our students into capable readers. Sound Partners is a phonics/sight word-based program that has everything a tutor needs to say and do AND everything the student needs to say and do written right on every page. Please contact Mrs. Iba (lliba@seattleschools.org) if you are interested in becoming a Sound Partner. When you contact her let her know the times and day/days you are available to tutor and also let her know a time between now and Dec 20th that would work for you to come to school to be trained. Thank you for helping our students grow as readers.


One way Alki is set apart is through our fantastic math and reading tutoring programs. We are proud to use both Read Naturally and Sound Partners tutoring programs. As a tutor volunteer you will be trained in one or both programs and work with our tutoring coordinator to schedule days and times that work best for you. We have tutors who volunteer anywhere from a couple of hours a week to working with students daily. Alki welcomes all parents, families, friends and community members to give back to our extraordinary school.