Our Reflections program is underway!


What is Reflections? 

Reflections is a national PTA student arts program. Alki is participating this year and will have the opportunity to choose 12 artist submissions to move on to the next round, held at the Seattle Council PTSA. These entries will be displayed at the Seattle Center during the Winter Break!

This year’s theme is: “What’s Your Story?” Judges will be looking for how well the submissions interpret the theme, creativity of the piece, and the thought process behind the work.

How do we participate? 

Talk to your student! Then go to www.alkipta.org/reflections or drop by the PTA bulletin board in the main hallway to pick up entry forms and rules for the categories your student would like to enter. There is no limit to how many categories one student may participate in. Because this is a national program, for fairness, the rules are quite specific so be sure to read them over and make sure your student understands the parameters. But with that said, encourage your student to have fun!

There are so many ways to be creative – through creative writing, making a film/video, photography, creating a dance, visual art or creating music! Once they’ve finished their work, we’ll collect all of the submissions on Nov. 4th to be organized and judged. The Alki awards ceremony will be on Dec. 7th during the scheduled PTA meeting. Everyone’s art work will be displayed during the meeting.


Contact Lindsay Yost at lindsaydyost@gmail.com for any questions, tips on how to help your student submit their work of art or to turn in your student’s art before Nov. 4th. I look forward to hearing from you!

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