‘October Shuffle’ Thank You!


Some very special thanks are in store for staff and parents who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the most positive transition possible for the 2nd grade students and their families faced with the “October Shuffle”.  After SPS granted an additional full-time teacher to Alki on September 30th, Principal Deese and Alki staff took swift and thoughtful action.  The students selected for the fourth 2nd grade class have taken up residence in their new classroom in P2 and await meeting their new teacher while Mrs. Rasmussen and Mrs. Roshalt seamlessly continue their top notch Alki education!

Although there is much work to be done to eliminate this practice of shuffling students after the start of school, Principal Deese and staff made the very most of a tough situation.  From hours spent pouring over student selection to ensure a balanced class, students’ best interests and minimize impact to those who’d been impacted before, to Ms. Deese personally calling families to notify them of the move, to an all-school community day where all classes switched up and finally culminating in the new classmates being personally escorted by Ms. Deese and the Alki Seagull to P2 while music played and balloons welcomed them to their new home!

Kudos as well to the awesome parents and staff members who turned an empty portable into an amazing new classroom complete with the students’ names on the door! Thank you to ALL who made it happen: Bri’anna Smith, Jennifer Ogle, Katie Christoff, Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox, Britney Straus, Lindsay Yost, Laurie Rasmussen, Jennifer Rosholt, Marjorie Nye, Alia Delacour, Stevie Kramer, Tracy Seefeld, Davina Dilley, Josh Ingalls, Amy Fields and of course, to the resilient and brave students and families of the newly formed 2nd grade classroom.  Thank you.

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