Ruler Presentation @ Next PTA Meeting


As this is our last e-news of 2016, we wanted to send a quick reminder that our next PTA meeting will be Thursday, January 5th.  This meeting will be a new format with our staff graciously putting together a RULER presentation to explain what our children have been learning over the last couple of years and how we can apply these methods at home.  This will be a meeting you won’t want to miss!

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Research shows that students with higher emotional intelligence are better prepared to manage their lives so that they can focus, learn, and do their best in school.

Why do Emotions Matter?

  • Emotions influence teaching and learning
  • Emotions influence decision making
  • Emotions influence physical and mental health (well-being)
  • Emotions influence the quality of our relationships
  • Emotion influence creativity

Everyone needs skills to build empathy, healthy relationships and flourish – as human beings and as a society.  In this age of social media, we’re at risk of losing these skills. RULER was designed to promote student growth and well-being by enhancing the social and emotional skills of students, and the adults involved in their education.

Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating emotions.  They form the acronym RULER, which is the name of the approach our school has adopted to teach everyone in our community — the children and the adults — these skills.

If you want to be more detailed about RULER:

  • Recognizing – Identifying emotion in oneself and others by interpreting facial expressions, body language, vocal tones and physiological reactions.
  • Understanding – Knowing the causes and consequences of emotions, including the influence of different emotions on thinking, learning, decisions, and behavior
  • Labeling – Using a wide range of emotion words, developing a rich feeling word vocabulary.
  • Expressing – Knowing how and when to express emotions with different people and in multiple contexts (nonverbal, written, and spoken)
  • Regulating – Developing strategies that help us manage our emotions to support healthy relationships and achieve goals.

What are the positive outcomes of RULER?

  • Improved academic performance (11-12% increase in standardized test scores)
  • Reduced aggression (handling unpleasant feelings in socially acceptable ways)
  • Reduced anxiety
  • More supportive, productive, and compassionate classrooms

Partnering with families to deepen emotional intelligence:

  • Builds trusting relationships and community
  • Creates a welcoming school climate
  • Supports school efforts and goals
  • Creates a shared language about emotions
  • Prevents misunderstandings
  • Helps kids and promotes healthy development

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