WANTED: Girls On The Run Site Liaison

Alki is looking for a Alki Liaison for Girls On The Run so that this program continues next year!  This is not a PTA program, but has been a tradition at Alki and we do not want to see it go away.


Girls on the Run of Puget Sound
Site Liaison Position Description

Our current Site Liaison, Laura Rasmussen, is stepping down after this year.  In order to continue this program at Alki, we need to fill this position.  Please read through the Site Liaison Position Description before committing to this role. If
you have any questions about the position, please contact GOTR program staff member, Izzy Geronimo, at izzy@girlsrun.org

Job Summary:
Site Liaisons are the connection between GOTR staff and program sites. They are vital to the implementation of the GOTR program and are highly valued. Site Liaisons can be teachers, counselors, principals, after-school program coordinators or PTA members. Site Liaisons can also serve as Coaches or Practice Partners. Site Liaisons do not have to be present during all GOTR practices but are required to visit a portion of at least 2 practices during the season.

If you cannot fulfill the responsibilities below, please help connect us to someone who is able to and please consider another volunteer role such as a Coach or Practice Partner.

• Complete the required, brief Site Liaison training before the season begins – both for
new and returning Site Liaisons.

• Recruit 2-3 coaches per team at your site using the coach marketing toolkit provided to you in the Fall.  We highly recommend that at least one coach is a site staff member. We have found that this has made teams more successful in the past.  Coach position description found HERE.

• Communicate over email in a timely manner with GOTR staff and coaches at your site.

• Secure practice space for GOTR program, which includes: outdoor running location, inclement weather location, meeting location (ie: classroom), coach kit storage location

• Check with your site office to inquire if there is any paperwork that needs to be filled out such as facility use forms, building agreements, etc., and contact Program Director, Erin Gorup, as soon as possible to get these requirements resolved.  GOTR Staff might contact you about fulfilling these responsibilities depending on your district requirements.

• Distribute marketing and registration materials to girls and families according to registration timeline that can be found HERE. Use the girl marketing toolkit provided to you.

• Decide if your site will have paper or online registration and help manage this process: Online (RECOMMENDED) or Paper: If your site population will be better served with paper forms and you cannot offer an on-site electronic registration time/event, you can use paper forms.

▪ Entering of the paper forms into our database will be the Site Liaison’s responsibility.

• Help organize a meeting with coaches at your site in February, once your coaching team is confirmed, to exchange contact information, show coaches the practice spaces and go over any building-specific procedures/protocol.  NOTE: This is especially important if your coaches are not staff members.

• Assist volunteer coaches at your site with positive behavior management if issues arise and coaches need extra support in communicating GOTR/Site policies to the girl participant and family.

• Visit a portion of at least 2 GOTR practices during the season to provide support to coaches, act as a sub if needed, see the work in action and help with any behavior management.


Interested? Contact Izzy Geronimo, Program Coordinator-Seattle



Office: 206.528.2118

Cell: 650.274.5211



We are still looking for coaches for this coming Spring:  https://www.gotrpugetsound.org/Coach